Miela Gruber, ND

Miela Gruber, ND practices naturopathic and functional family medicine in a warm and friendly environment where patient's and parent's beliefs and individuality are valued and accepted. She encourages her patients to gently remove physical, emotional and spiritual barriers to good health at their own speed.  She blends modern diagnostic techniques with non-invasive, natural therapies, such as homeopathy, botanical medicine-including essential oils and herbalism, clinical nutrition, detoxification, and functional medicine.

She is also trained in many energy medicine techniques, including kinesiology, reiki, pranic healing and is an advanced theta practitioner. 

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              Bluebird Herb Sanctuary
Dr Gruber and her husband John and daughter
Lyra are excited to keep growing endangered
herb species and to teach about them
here at her home office.  We are currently developing
raised beds in the front of the house for
teaching about herbs 
and their medicines to anyone who wanders by. 
Come join us for a class sometime or just enjoy learning with the kids when you come for an appointment!

 103 Union St 

Vernon Ct



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Miela Gruber, ND
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