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Hi!  Welcome to Forest Family Medicine!  Welcome to our family!  My practice is in my home, which I think makes coming here especially cozy, warm and comfortable.   You will find that we become part of you and  your kids family and team.  While you are here, you may see some of my family too! We are glad that you have come to visit us and look forward to helping you or your kids feel their very best.  Being sick or having a sick child can be scary and confusing, here you will feel welcome, accepted for who you are, and cared for as a whole person, different from anyone else in the world.  We love that about you and look forward to learning and growing and thriving with you and your family.   

   -Love, Dr G, Lauren (Practice Manager), John (handyman and love of Dr G's life),  Lyra and Liam (the kids), and Lucy and Lily  

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